Sleep Monitor FAQ


1.What does Sleep Monitor do?

Sleep Monitor is a health & fit app focusing on tracking sleep phases.
Sleep Monitor provides deep insights into quality of your sleep by the following metrics:
    -Sleep Score
    -Sleep Cycle Graphic
    -Sleep Statistics
    -Sleep Noise

Besides, Sleep Monitor helps you mark different sleep behaviors. Still, it provides various relaxing music to help you fall asleep faster and also provides a smart alarm to help you wake up on time.

2.How does sleep tracking work in Sleep Monitor?

Sleep Monitor uses both microphone and accelerator sensor on your phone to measure your body movements and your environmental noise changes and then recognize your sleep phases. Your body movements are directly related to your sleep phase. In general, the more movements or the more sleep noises, the lighter sleep will be.

According to the reports of sleep specialists, during the night, your body follows certain sleep cycles. It goes from light sleep to deep sleep and occasionally goes into the REM-sleep, where dreaming occurs. During light sleep phase, you tend to toss and turn, making environmental noises. In deep sleep phase, your muscle movements are suppressed with less noise made. REM phases are not directly detected from your body movements. Rather, the estimation is based on statistical analysis.

Sleep Monitor computes sleep score and creates a sleep graph for your sleep according to the measurement results. Those statistic insights help you indicate whether your sleep is healthy or not.

3.How does REM measured in Sleep Monitor?

REM is the acronym of Rapid Eye Movement, which, according to sleep researchers, is a sign of dreaming. There is no way to tell if there actually was REM at any particular moment, based solely on aggregate activity data.

As REM phases are not directly detected from your body movements, REM in Sleep Monitor is just an estimation based on statistical analysis. When there is a long enough deep sleep period followed by a long enough light sleep period, we mark the first half of the light sleep as REM. People usually dreams about three to five times every night, with 5-15mins duration each time. But this varies upon physical condition, mental condition etc. We are adjusting our algorithms to make the REM more accurate.

4.How does Sleep Monitor know I am in deep sleep?

Mobile phone has an accelerometer sensor which is very sensitive and if placed by your bed, phone can make a record of your movement over the night. Body movements are directly related to your sleep phase.

In light sleep phase, you tend to toss and turn, to make movements and environmental noises. In deep sleep phase, your muscular movements are suppressed (otherwise you would be running or jumping around according to your dreams :)). Thus, in this phase you will be quiet with almost no movements. Sleep Monitor uses both microphone and accelerator sensor in your phone to measure your body movements. This is in short how Sleep Monitor measures your sleep phases.

5.What is Sleep Monitor’s scoring matrix? How does Sleep Monitor rate a good sleep?

Sleep Monitor has its own scoring algorithms with taking many factors into account, such as the whole sleep length, deep sleep ratio, personal feeling in the morning, and the physical conditions. Referring to specialists' advice, we adjust the weights of each factor to make the score more accurate and more consistent with that from professional equipment monitoring like PSG (Polysomnography). A high score reflects you get a good sleep with long time sleep duration and more deep sleep, vice versa.

6.No Sleep record found when wake up.

This issue may occur in below situations:
1).This issue happens when Android system randomly kills apps running in background to save battery. When Sleep Monitor was killed, sleep tracking will be interrupted so there will be no sleep report generated. To prevent this issue from occurring again, please follow this guide to keep Sleep Monitor always running based on your device type: dontkillmyapp
2). This issue may happen when phone RAM is not enough. There will be no storage for our app to keep running or save your report. Please make sure there is enough space to save sleep records.

7.What noise does Sleep Monitor record? Sleep talk or just snore?

Sleep Monitor records all kinds of noises that sound different from ambient noises and saves 12 obviously sleep noises, with each noise lasting maximally 1 minute. Both sleep talk and snore will be recorded. At this moment, Sleep Monitor could not tell whether the noise is dream talk or snore. But we are working on distinguishing it.

8.Will sleep tracking be accurate when I have a dog / cat sleeping with me in bed?

It depends on several factors. The general rule is to not allow the pet to move your phone, ideally only your movements should move the device. So in this case it’s best to place your device either under the pillow. If your pet is a quiet one, it may just work. However, if your pet is used to jump in and out of bed several times during the night, the sleep tracking will most probably register these events as light sleep occurrences.

9.What is the difference between Sleep Monitor free and pro?

Sleep Monitor is a free to use app with subscription and in-app ads.
In free version, there are a few ads but without any advanced features.
In pro version, enjoy all exclusive features unlocked below:
    - 1. Unlock sleep noises downloading
    - 2. Unlock all sleep music
    - 3. Unlock all sleep records
    - 4. Unlock sleep notes
    - 5. No ads
    - 6. More coming features
Monthly subscription price: $ 5.99
Yearly subscription price: $29.99
New user special for yearly subscription: $20.99

10.Why sleep graph seems to be fake? Will Sleep Monitor generate random data?

Sleep Monitor will not generate random data as it has own algorithm to draw sleep graph. As you may know, Sleep Monitor measures your body movements and draws sleep graph according to both microphone and accelerator sensor on your phone. Because each accelerometer (in different cell phones) measures movements differently, we couldn’t assume any standard conversion formula would respond to absolute values. We are working on to adjusting algorithm to draw graph from time to time to make sure sleep tracking is accurate.

11.Can I export sleep records?

Your sleep records (score, graph, statistic, noise recording) will be saved in Sleep Monitor app side but cannot be exported currently. And there are limits for data saving:
    - Sleep Monitor free version users can save 7 sleep records;
    - Sleep Monitor pro version users can save up to 30 sleep records in app side and back up all history records on server side for later check.
In app side, only latest new records will be saved, old records will be deleted automatically when reach limits.
If you want to clear all sleep records, try this way: phone settings/apps/Sleep Monitor/Clear data.
Please note you can share all sleep noises recordings with friends. Sleep Monitor pro users can even download sleep noises recordings.

12.Where are sleep noises recordings saved?

The default path to save sleep noises recordings is: phone storage/sleepmonitor/sleepnoise. We suggest you go to File Manager on your phone to find recordings: tap ‘search’ - enter "sleep monitor”, it can locate the path successfully.

13.Will the shared sleep noise recordings be expired?

Both free and pro users can share your sleep noise recording with others. The shared link is valid within 7 days. You need to re-click the ‘Share’ button to generate a new link when old link expires.

14.What should I do if I have troubles with Sleep Monitor?

If you find any error or unexpected incorrect behavior please send us feedback via this way: Sleep Monitor - More –Feedback. Describe your troubles with key words and brief steps to reproduce troubles, and then send it to us via email, we will look into it ASAP. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

15.How to change language?

Sleep Monitor supports more than 20 languages, such as English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Finnish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Bulgarian, Czech, Catalan, Ukrainian, Breton…

When first installed, Sleep Monitor shows the same language as your system. If you would like to change language, please uninstall it to change phone default language in system settings, and then re-install it. We will add the function of switching languages in app in later updates. To be a volunteer for translation, please contact us via this way: Sleep Monitor - More - Help us Translate

16.Alarm clock is not working in the morning.

This issue happens when Android system randomly kills Sleep Monitor running in background to save battery. When Sleep Monitor is killed, alarm clock fails to work. To prevent this issue from occurring again, please follow this guide to keep Sleep Monitor always running to work normally based on your device type: dontkillmyapp. We are now working on fixing this issue in following updates.

17.Is there any way to connect my data with Google fit app?

Currently Sleep Monitor does not support this feature. We will add Google fit support in later updates.

18.How to get a refund?

It’s less than 48 hours since you bought an app or made an in-app purchase, you can request a refund through Google Play by yourself. For more details about refund please visit:

19.Does Sleep Monitor drain a lot of battery?

Generally, Sleep Monitor will use an average of 20% battery per night (7 to 8 hours) for sleep tracking. When noise recording is turned on, it might jump up to 30%. To prevent high battery usage, we suggest you kill any unnecessary services before starting sleep tracking.

20.How do I cancel my Premium subscription?

We are sorry we cannot deal with it for you directly. Your subscription is tied to your ID with Google Account, only you can cancel your subscription. We can guide you, please follow the below steps:
    - 1. Open and log in to your Google Play account
    - 2. Tap the main menu. It’s located at the left top
    - 3. Tap Subscriptions
    - 4. Tap Sleep Monitor
    - 5. Tap Cancel Subscription
For more deails, please check the following link: